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Bulk payments

Bulk payments

Reduce your bank expenses by paying merchants or employees in seconds, using Pix technology, with very low rates.



Trust an infrastructure that performs hundreds of thousands of processes a day and zero manual errors.



Fill up your Trio payment account with euro, dollar or crypto and skyrocket your payments quickly.


Plug into technology for better payments

The system built to keep your money moving forward.

Trust an agile, secure and transparent payout system to issue better, cheaper and far more connected payments. From here to the future of financial services.

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How does your organization pay?

Your team, your customers, your rules

A world without magnetic CNAB files, returned deposits, unidentified borrowers, and the permanent exchange between banks in search of lower fees is possible.


Reconciling starts at the QR emission

Easy for those who pay and for those who get paid, each QR Code issued within the system is detailed with identification information, which means that transactions are reconciled from end to end.

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Get started today

In 10 days you start collecting or issuing your payments through Trio, using our console or integrating directly with the API. Try our Sandbox, which replicates the production environment, and learn about the future of payments.