See all data in the smallest detail

Add a management layer over banking infrastructure and gain agility, security and value.

Data Management

Increase transparency and safety

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatic Reconciliation

Each transaction includes the necessary data for accurate reconciliation — from virtual account numbers to transaction codes.

Rules of Approval

Rules of Approval

Set up rules such as automatic return and have your compliance settings based on the specific profiles of each customer.


Cutting-edge management with banking infrastructure

Trio is a complete Payment Infrastructure that provides banking services integrated with the Pix. We work to innovate and improve Pix in high processing for organizations that want to evolve their financial management.

Trio Infraestructure
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Value the details and make a difference

Your organization will reach greater heights with faster processing, faster communication, and more transparent visualization of information.


Plug into technology for better payments

The system built to keep your money moving forward.

Trust an agile, secure and transparent payout system to issue better, cheaper and far more connected payments. From here to the future of financial services.

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Get started today

In 10 days you start collecting or issuing your payments through Trio, using our console or integrating directly with the API. Try our Sandbox, which replicates the production environment, and learn about the future of payments.