Streamlined integration and simplified transfers

An account that replaces all integrations, so that your company charges the consumer in a whitelabel way, seamlessly.



Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Play safe: our compliance team will always assist you and ensure you follow all local regulations.

Simple data management

Simple data management

Use the context divisions of Trio Virtual Accounts to offer simplified management for each of your stores or campaigns.


Integrate in record time

Get smoother with the Pix in just 2 weeks.

Our API was developed to bring agility when it comes to integration. Bring a new payment horizon to your business in a short time, with minimal effort.



Transactions made seamless

Pay in 30 seconds, safe end-to-end.

Your business doesn't need another payment gateway logo at your checkout. Convert more shopping carts into transactions with our easy 5-step seamless checkout. Click the button below to see how it works:

one click checkout

Premium solution at market price

Get more by paying less.

Have all the research and development you need to improve your payments operation within days. Get in touch with Trio's team of specialists and learn about our tailor-made solutions for your organization.


Local payments for global organizations

Multi currency accounts at your disposal.

Your bank account within Trio can be multi-currency, in BRL, FIAT, or crypto. Now you can range to multiple customers in several countries and currencies using a single solution.



Batch payments on saving money and plenty of time

Save Time

Finance director gets 1 day extra per week with payments automation.

Alice Veiga, administrator and head of finance, saw her online school (EAD) grow from 5 to 98 courses in six months. She was in a tight skirt when she finally decided to look for a solution. Hostage to her credit card, she needed to receive Pix from students to generate working capital, and also pass on dividends to teachers weekly. Until she discovered Trio, she made payments individually every Friday, using 4 accounts at different banks, generally opting for those that offered the best rates for transfers between account holders. When there were just 20 teachers, it made sense - but within a matter of a few weeks, it started to become unsustainable. *"There were 300 payments every Friday. A senior employee's entire working day was dedicated to this: 4 or 5 days a month"*. Now, the teacher's registration is integrated with the course in the ERP system, and the same Pix key number in the Trio system. Simply add a balance to the virtual account for the module to compensate.

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Get started today

In 10 days you start collecting or issuing your payments through Trio, using our console or integrating directly with the API. Try our Sandbox, which replicates the production environment, and learn about the future of payments.