Local Payments for global products and companies

Focus on your market and leave payments to us. Trio delivers cutting-edge technology with unparalleled support.



Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Connect to a robust solution and process thousands of payments in just 2 weeks, via API.

Paid, received.

Paid, received.

Immediate settlement of all charges and transfers using the instant payment system.

From anywhere

From anywhere

Account for clients with a global presence who require a local payment partner.


Transactions made seamless

Pay in 30 seconds, safe end-to-end.

Your business doesn't need another payment gateway logo at your checkout. Convert more shopping carts into transactions with our easy 5-step seamless checkout. Click the button below to see how it works:


Compliance and safety

Count on legal support to operate more effectively in the markets of your interest.

End-to-end secure payment infrastructure without the bureaucracy of banks. For those who want speed in their collections without sacrificing financial organization.



Local payments for global organizations

Multi currency accounts at your disposal.

Your bank account within Trio can be multi-currency, in BRL, FIAT, or crypto. Now you can range to multiple customers in several countries and currencies using a single solution.


Premium solution at market price

Get more by paying less.

Have all the research and development you need to improve your payments operation within days. Get in touch with Trio's team of specialists and learn about our tailor-made solutions for your organization.


Reconciling starts at the QR emission

Easy for those who pay and for those who get paid, each QR Code issued within the system is detailed with identification information, which means that transactions are reconciled from end to end.

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Get started today

In 10 days you start collecting or issuing your payments through Trio, using our console or integrating directly with the API. Try our Sandbox, which replicates the production environment, and learn about the future of payments.