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Fast integration

Fast integration

Low-maintanence and low-code so you can start processing thousands of payments within two weeks.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Play safe: our compliance team will always assist you and ensure you follow all local regulations.


Payments that Convert More

Fast Pay with bank-to-bank payments

Unlock payment via Pix Open Finance and offer your customer the best and safest way to pay. With Trio Checkout you reduce the steps that separate the purchase from the checkout, reducing the purchase abandonment.



Local payments for global organizations

Multi currency accounts at your disposal.

Your bank account within Trio can be multi-currency, in BRL, FIAT, or crypto. Now you can range to multiple customers in several countries and currencies using a single solution.


Use case

Real-time Exchange

Real time Exchange

Instant payment solution integrated with the exchange to request multiple quotes.

The real-time exchange rate (real-time e-FX) allows the customer to request the amount of their shipment converted into dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies - and view the quotes on the console itself. This feature simplifies the remittance process, as it prevents the need to use a partner for processing local payments and another (or others) for exchange, bringing agility. After collecting a payment amount in Reais, the customer requests the shipment. Once this is done, in a few minutes the system will return with the foreign currency quote offered at the time, so that the customer can accept and request the amount in a few clicks. In this way, the Trio customer can transform the ups and downs of the foreign exchange market into an opportunity to choose the best time to make their shipment.

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